Our Idea


We offer every guest a unique ME-moment in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a city life. Here you will experience relaxation and inspiration at the same time. In our Coffeeshop we create an atmosphere in which you play the leading role and feel completely at ease. Our experienced barista use only home-roasted coffee and regional ingredients to prepare delicious hot drinks with a pinch of love. Not only can you find these unique delights in the middle of the most livable and vibrant city, but we’ve been sharing them with the world for two decades. Visit us and discover the ME moment we offer you – a true pleasure for body and soul!


The classic Viennese coffee house culture was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. It embodies the unique Viennese elegance and is characterized by a very special atmosphere.

Our diverse product portfolio includes numerous unique beverage recipes as well as traditional Viennese delicacies, which delight both local and international visitors to our Coffeeshops.


The quality of high quality coffee is appreciated by people of all ages. This natural product combines enjoyment, lifestyle and relaxation for many of us. Coffee has long become an integral part of our culture and modern everyday life.

Our range includes not only classic and modern coffee creations, but also natural teas, refreshing organic lemonades and local as well as international food trends. With our unique franchise concept, we meet the needs of the modern urban guest as well as the wishes of typical coffee house visitors.