The Coffeeshop Company gives every guest that ME moment they need every day in the busy city life. A visit to us is both relaxation and inspiration. Eye-catching design and vibrant ambience let you experience the pulse of the big city first-hand. With the combination of cosy atmosphere and urban surroundings, we create a setting in which you become the main protagonist. Home-roasted coffee and regional ingredients are used and, with a dash of love from our baristi, become fragrant hot drinks that you won’t only find in the middle of the most liveable and lively city. We have been taking them out into the world for two decades.


Viennese coffeeshop culture ranks among the UNESCO national inventory of intangible cultural heritage since 2011. This unique coffeehouse culture is globally well-known as the epitome of Viennese warmth and good cheer.

Our beverage and gourmet food selection offers various Viennese coffeeshop specialties which are popular with locals as well as with the customers in our international outlets.


Customers of all ages appreciate the quality of premium coffee. Coffee as a natural product is related to pleasure, lifestyle and relaxation. That is why coffee has become an inherent part of our modern everyday life.

Along with classical and modern coffee creations our selection contains natural tea flavours, refreshing organic lemonades as well as local and international food trends. This is one of the reasons why our unique franchise concept satisfies the demands of an urban customer just the same as the desires of a typical Viennese coffeehouse guest.