The architecture and color scheme of our 3.0 shops represent coffee as a natural product. The timeless design of our interior including warm, aesthetically appealing colours create a relaxing and inviting ambience. A pleasant lighting concept and an atmospheric music round off the overall appearance and create a stylish space for recreation and pleasure.

The main approach of the Coffeeshop Company® shop design is to communicate two concepts to the customer: „Home in Vienna“ and „From the farm into the cup“. The “Home in Vienna” concept is represented by a high-end elegant shop appearance: Telling the story of the birthplace and origins of original Viennese coffeeshop culture, it is intended for locations and areas with a more conservative, classical customer base.

The “From the farm into the cup” story is the cooler and trendier design line, intended for a younger, slightly more progressive customer base. This slogan also represents one of our core principles: to guarantee highest quality at every step of our value chain and a sustainable, trustworthy and respectful partnership with our farmers in the coffee-growing countries.