The culinary offer of Coffeeshop Company® is based on high quality, elegant products which are freshly prepared by hand every day. To satisfy your hunger, you can choose from an exciting assortment of meals and special offers. The creation of these delightful recipes involves only the best-quality ingredients and passion by expert hands.


Looking for a quick snack for the office break or a dessert to go with your coffee? Our range offers the perfect delicacy for every situation and time of day! With seasonal highlights and monthly specials, you can consciously enjoy every meal and do something good for yourself!


The ingredients used are subject to strict quality criteria and are free from unnecessary additives. For this reason, our delicious ingredients are delivered directly by a carefully selected gourmet supplier. We take care to select regional suppliers for all our products to keep transportation routes as short as possible.

Cooperating closely with our suppliers, we can also exert greater influence upon the preparation of our gourmet products. We recommend that our franchise partners give their leftover food to charitable organizations at the end of the day instead of throwing it away.

  • Deli food
    Satisfy your hunger easily and quickly with our gourmet snacks! In our high-technology oven, snacks are prepared gently and quickly. Thanks to our highly developed ovens we can optimally warm up the snacks gently and within the shortest possible time.
  • Sweets & Desserts
    To round off our first class coffee specialties, we offer an exclusive selection of desserts for those who have a sweet tooth.