The new promotion “Spring Feelings” heralds the beginning of spring and enchants with two particularly delicious creations.

Let yourself be seduced by our refreshing, sparkling tea creation “Sparkly Mint” and our fine Caffé Crème Brulée with a touch of vanilla and caramel.

The particularly low-calorie, sparkling tea creation “Sparkly Mint Tea” not only refreshes, but inspires all the senses. This is where Art for Tea Pure Mintpower meets aromatic organic syrup lime-ginger-mint. The special highlight offers a shot of sparkling Aqua Coffea water, which ensures a subtly sparkling finish.

Spring invites you to enjoy! The airy, light Caffé Crème Brulée enchants with a strong blend espresso, foamed milk, a hint of vanilla and caramel. This spring delight surprises with a cream topping and caramel.

Have fun trying 😊
Now available at participating Coffeeshop Company stores.
Available only for a short periode of time.

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