Santas Surprise Promotion

Christmas is getting closer …

With our delicious Christmas creations we bring you now really into the mood. Enjoy! 🎅🎄🎁

Green Chai
A true winter treat: Green Chai refined with pure Matcha powder and delicious milk foam. Some matcha powder crowns the topping.

Marzipan Latte
A harmonious combination of premium highland arabica coffee and amaretto syrup. Topped with creamy whipped cream, dark chocolate sauce and almond slivers.

Golden Season Promotion

When the leaves turn into a variety of shades, it’s time to start our fall promotion with delicious new products. 🍁🍂

An autumnal coffee specialty made from the best Arabica coffee, refined with macadamia and dark chocolate sauce. Topped with whipped cream, caramel topping and hazelnut crisp.

Creamy hazelnut shake with caramel sauce.